Control the Computer with your Voice!

Did you know that ATR's speech recognition solutions allow you to create letters, spreadsheets, and e-mails about three times faster than with manual typing? ATR's staff has been providing speech recognition solutions since the inception of the industry in the 1980's. We can assist you by recommending the proper software and hardware for your unique situation, and by training you to obtain the best result from your speech recognition system. We believe there are three keys to successful speech recognition: the best software, the best hardware, and the best consulting and training..

The Best Software

ATR uses the best speech recognition software available on the market. Just speak and your words appear on screen and in memos, letters, reports, and e-mail. Navigate the PC, perform complex tasks on the computer, or surf the Internet with a spoken word or phrase. ATR has software solutions that work with virtually all Windows®-based or Mac®-based applications. There are also versions geared specifically to the legal and medical fields.

The Best Hardware

Even the best software will not run successfully on an underpowered computer or one with the wrong components. ATR's staff can recommend the best hardware solution for you, whether it is selecting a microphone or building a PC with the best components for successful speech recognition.

The Best Consulting and Training

ATR's staff has been involved with speech recognition since its infancy. Whether you are looking to completely control the computer by voice, to increase efficiency by dictating reports, or to completely automate your office with speech recognition, ATR's staff of engineers and consultants will listen to your needs, bring all of the components together, and then provide the best consulting and training so you get the best result possible from your speech recognition system.

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Technical Consulting and Training

  • Personal Evaluations
  • Turnkey Systems
  • Speech Recognition Training
  • Continued Education and In-services
  • Full System Integration
  • Evaluation Center
    • Computer Access
    • Communication Devices
    • Custom macros/software


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